Fleet Rental

Why is Fleet Rental More Advantageous?
When you decide to buy a vehicle, you have to make a cash out or use credit for the cash you need. Your expenses will not end with that. Costs such as insurance, tax, maintenance, repair, tire replacement are incurred as additional costs for the vehicle you buy. In addition, the uncertainty of your car's second-hand sales value will be a risk for you.
If you rent your car for a long time, the total cost is only the monthly rentals of your car. Moreover, both your car's second-hand value is protected from the risk of uncertainty, and you will be able to carry out all your transactions effortlessly from the purchase of your car to second-hand sales. If you add cost-effective supplementary services to your account, you will receive a more advantageous solution for you as compared to purchasing a long-term car rental.
Easy Vehicle Renewal
You do not have to deal with the sales process during the vehicle refurbishment process, and you have full protection against the risk of second hand value change.
Monthly Fixed Installments
Instead of buying a vehicle, you do not have to pay any down payments in the event of your lease or collective cash outflows related to purchase prices. You make your payments in fixed, predefined rents.
Automobile, Insurance and Motor Vehicle Tax Payments
Vehicles' motor insurance, traffic insurance and Motor Vehicle Tax payments are included in the scope of the rental and are carried out on time and completely by us. Motor Vehicle Tax payments, which you have to pay when you buy your vehicle but are not legally accepted, are an additional burden to you if you rent your vehicles from us.
KDV Advantage
If the vehicle is purchased directly, VAT is a cost element and can not be used for VAT discount. In the case of renting, all of the VAT in the bill can be used as VAT to be downloaded.
Strong Balance Sheet Outlook
Renting a car makes a positive contribution to the appearance of the net. Unlike buying with a bank credit, your company does not place unpaid future lease payments under your payment schedule, and your borrowing capacity will not be adversely affected.
Time management
Do not waste any time to get your car and manage your fleet. Fleet leasing provides you with significant time savings and strengthens your concentration in your core business.
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